Driver Profile: Brad Keselowski

I wanted to take a few minutes to write about one of the top dogs in Nascar at the moment:

Brad Keselowski.

There is something to be said for consistency when you are talking about a winning team, and consistency is one of the biggest factors that Brad talks about when asked about how they have done this year.

Brad has been quoted several times as saying (and I am paraphrasing this to save time and a necessity to cite a direct quote properly) that his team has and done and continues to do so well because they are doing things right every race and have been winning races regularly.

The Rochester Hills native driver for Team Penske is a relatively humble guy by most accounts, though he brags on his team every chance he gets (which is good form as long as things don’t get out of hand).

Brad is also known for being a strategic driver that isn’t afraid to take risks when the payoff is there.

One thing that Brad has talked about lately (as have all of the top five in the current series) is that the pressure to perform is on.

No stranger to pressure, the Penske team seems locked and loaded and up to the challenge, with Brad paying close attention to the temperament of those in the rear view.

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The way I would describe Brad as a driver can be summed up in one word: ambitious.

Brad Keselowski has been an aggressive driver since he first put the foot on the pedal in Nascar; a trait that is necessary to have when shooting for the top!

With the way things stand right now, I put my money on Brad Keselowski to be holding the cup at the end of this very exciting series!

Here are some of his best quotes: