The History of NASCAR

credit: tpsdave

credit: tpsdave

First, let’s start with the basics, what does NASCAR stand for?

National Association for Stock Car Racing

Although NASCAR was incorporated in 1948, its legacy begins years before that.  It starts with a man named William “Bill” France Sr. who moved to Dayton Beach in the 1930’s.  Mr. France began being intrigued in car racing but quickly realized how unethical it was.  People were being cheated and the race it was evident to Mr. France that there needed to be a better way.

After gathering a group of racing enthusiast, they began talking and discussing how to fix the problem.  Mr. France explained his ideas of creating a governed society for racing where rules were followed and enforced.

From that group, NASCAR was formed, and Bill France became the president of the organization.

The first race was held in June 1949, and it was called Strictly Stock in North Carolina.  It was a great turn out with about 13000 viewings there to cheer on the races.  As the first race of the NASCAR, it because perfectly evident that there were rules and as a racer you must comply with them.

In the Strictly Stock race, the first place winner, Glenn Dunnaway, was disqualified for his vehicle being out of specs according to the rules.  From the street races to the NASCAR track, Mr. France created an empire where racing with integrity and honor was highly rewarded.

With soon to be great season openers like the Daytona 500, people were coming near and far to be a part of the spectators and bidders.

As the years progressed, NASCAR became more and more popular.  Come 1972, Mr. France’s son took over the Corporation and was instrumental in making it was it is today, a global event.

Mr. France Jr. transformed NASCAR into a 20th-century profitable corporation with media contracts and sponsorships.  From humble beginnings and a man following a vision, NASCAR is the largest racing venue in the world!

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Driver Profile: Brad Keselowski

I wanted to take a few minutes to write about one of the top dogs in Nascar at the moment:

Brad Keselowski.

There is something to be said for consistency when you are talking about a winning team, and consistency is one of the biggest factors that Brad talks about when asked about how they have done this year.

Brad has been quoted several times as saying (and I am paraphrasing this to save time and a necessity to cite a direct quote properly) that his team has and done and continues to do so well because they are doing things right every race and have been winning races regularly.

The Rochester Hills native driver for Team Penske is a relatively humble guy by most accounts, though he brags on his team every chance he gets (which is good form as long as things don’t get out of hand).

Brad is also known for being a strategic driver that isn’t afraid to take risks when the payoff is there.

One thing that Brad has talked about lately (as have all of the top five in the current series) is that the pressure to perform is on.

No stranger to pressure, the Penske team seems locked and loaded and up to the challenge, with Brad paying close attention to the temperament of those in the rear view.

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The way I would describe Brad as a driver can be summed up in one word: ambitious.

Brad Keselowski has been an aggressive driver since he first put the foot on the pedal in Nascar; a trait that is necessary to have when shooting for the top!

With the way things stand right now, I put my money on Brad Keselowski to be holding the cup at the end of this very exciting series!

Here are some of his best quotes:

And the Race Begins!

Start your engines people; we are official at the starting lap of this NASCAR super-blog!

As I said in our bio, this is a blog for passionate NASCAR fans looking for recent updates on driver news, racing events and everything that makes our world rumble down the track!

To kick things off I would like to take a few moments to talk about the drivers to watch out for at the moment regarding standings in the Sprint Cup Chase for the Cup series!

The standings as of 9/12/16 are as follows (we will only list the first 20 standings, for the complete list check out

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Brad Keselowski
  3. Denny Hamlin
  4. Kevin Harvick
  5. Carl Edwards
  6. Martin Truex Jr.
  7. Matt Kenseth
  8. Jimmie Johnson
  9. Joey Logano
  10. Kyle Larson
  11. Tony Stewart
  12. Kurt Busch
  13. Chris Buescher
  14. Chase Elliot
  15. Austin Dillon
  16. Jamie McMurray
  17. Ryan Newman
  18. Kasey Kahne
  19. Trevor Bayne
  20. AJ Allmendinger

Kyle Busch continues to dominate the track, followed closely by Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin who aren’t looking to give up an inch of their position from the aggressive drivers behind them!

Kevin Harvick is a threat to the top three, and you can be sure that Harvick is in it to win it after finishing in 5th place at Richmond! Harvick’s guts in the turns have made him a threat to those in front of him and a risk to pass for those behind.

Matt Kenseth has also had a great ’16 season, with his standings improving throughout the year.

The Sprint Cup: Chase for the Cup is going to be a hot one for sure, with the first race set for 9/18 in the windy city of Chicago; I can’t wait!